Editorial: Perri votes show value of student representation on Board of Trustees

Staff Editorial

During the Board of Trustees meeting April 23, Michael Perri voted against multiple items that had previously been discussed amongst the Student Government.

During the Student Government meeting in which the items were discussed, it was made very clear that the senators were in not in favor of raising tuition or many of the other increases being presented.

Though the increases were ultimately approved, Perri’s votes are an example of the value his position on the board holds.

When describing why he voted the way he did, Perri said he felt he needed to speak to the opinions of his peers in the Student Government.

He said, “Ultimately, as a trustee, I should support the decision that the board makes. I felt that the rest of the board should know how students feel about these matters, and hopefully, the way I voted did just that.”

We at The Daily Eastern News believes he did in fact do just that.

Perri did something we can only hope all student trustees would do, vote in they way they believe a majority of students would vote.

His actions are a perfect example of the benefit and need for a student trustees.

While other board members possess different experiences and qualities that help them serve as in their positions, none of them have near as strong of a connection to the current student body as the student trustees do.

The voice of the student body are essential to the university and we are proud of our fellow students who take the time to use their voice to showcase the voices of all students.