Editorial: Thanks to CAA for hearing our proposal

Staff Editorial

Thursday afternoon the Council on Academic Affairs met and discussed a proposal submitted by The Daily Eastern News editorial board. The proposal asked for the university to offer a credit/no credit option for students.

The proposal was approved in a 5-3 vote.

We would like to thank the council for listening to our proposal and taking our concerns for our fellow students seriously.

This semester has been one of the hardest for many students. Unlike last spring and fall, this semester Eastern students have been going nonstop, many of them running on empty. 

Due to the university not being able to safely have a Spring Break, students have had no time to destress or catch up on work. While in the previous spring and fall semesters there were major changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic that led to students needing extraordinary help with their classes and grades, we believe this semester has also placed an extraordinary need for relief as well.

While Spring Break by no means fixes all issues students are having, it does give students some sort of aid. It gives students something to look forward to, knowing that they will have a break from the constant demands of university life, and it gives them time to take a small bit of time to get into a good place to finish the semester strong.

This year, students do not have that. They have what feels like a never-ending, dragging semester. 

We at The Daily Eastern News hope that this option being made available to students provides them some cushion from impacts this semester could have had on their academic careers and we personally thank the council for letting us share the concerns of our peers with them.