CAA to vote on Spring 21 credit/no credit option

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will meet virtually Thursday at 2 p.m. for their final meeting of the year.

The council will address one item during its meeting, a credit/no credit option.

The item was proposed by the editorial board of The Daily Eastern News after members of the staff heard several students and professors talk of their issues throughout the semester.

Many of the issues heard were specific to the Spring 2021 semester but some also carried over from previous semester’s issues.

The proposal follows an editorial published in The News that stated the editorial board’s belief that a credit/no credit option for students would be beneficial.

The editorial stated:

“We do hope that the university realizes the place many students are in right now.

So many students are feeling burnt out, frustrated, and hopeless after a semester of no true breaks from the constant work load given to college students.

While our editorial board is grateful that the administration found a way to encourage safer behavior this year regarding the pandemic, it does not change the fact that our annual break from the stress of college was stripped from our students and replaced with random days off that were never truly spent de-stressing.

They were spent catching up on homework and studying.

If students were lucky they could sleep in, but in no way does that compare to the break given during Spring Break.”

In the memorandum, a summary states:

“As a board consisting solely of students who work with students daily, we believe this would greatly help our peers succeed in their careers here.”

A member of the editorial board will be present to present the proposal to the council.

This will be the second to last meeting for the council this semester.

Its next meeting will be held on April 29 at 2 p.m.

The council will meet virtually.

On the budget for that meeting is a revision for the Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Education program, a revision for the Exercise Science Pre-Occupational Therapy program, the removal of the PUBH 3000 course  from several education programs and the revision of the PUBH 2700 course.


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