Editorial: Consider others before sharing graphic, violent videos online

Staff Editorial

Bodycam video was released Thursday showing 13-year-old Adam Toledo being shot and killed by Chicago police officer Eric Stillman.

The shooting happened in the early-morning hours of March 29 and the video was released following public outcry over the incident.

The video shows Toledo dropping a handgun when being approached by Stillman, who was responding to reports of shots fired in the area.

Toledo’s hands were empty and he was in the process of raising them when he was shot once in the chest.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that it is important that the video is released, as it allows for more transparency and can help people understand the event more fully.

But now that the video is available, it can be easily shared online and possibly seen by someone who does not want to see it.

Before sharing the video in any way, consider the possibility that someone could see it unwillingly when scrolling through their social media feed.

Videos like this can traumatize people, especially considering that this particular video involves the death of a child.

Just because the video is available does not mean that you have to share it.

Block Club Chicago, a nonprofit newsroom covering the city, had a good idea.

They posted a story about the video, describing the contents, but without attaching the video or any images.

This is a good way to make sure that the information is available to people who do not want to see the video.

Take the same precautions if you are considering sharing the video, and consider the feelings of others.