Column: Thank you to those who came before me

Corryn Brock

At the end of the semester, I will have worked for The Daily Eastern News for three academic years.

Over the three years I have been here I have learned so much from how to write a story about the Board of Trustees to how to manage a staff of writers to, most recently, learning how to design (which I am doing as I write this column).

I have made many mistakes and celebrated many wins, all of them incredibly valuable to my growth as a journalist.

I have also been lucky enough to learn from many incredible leaders at The Daily Eastern News.

Analicia Haynes was my first Editor-in-Chief at The Daily Eastern News. She taught me how to be confident in my reporting and to be willing to fight for the important stories.

She was also the first person to see something in me and made me Associate News Editor my freshman year and started my interest in being an editor.

After Anali, J.J. Bullock took over as Editor-in-Chief in a year that made us all value the time we spend together in the newsroom much more.

J.J. made me the News Editor for his term and helped me understand how valuable every part of the staff is. He pushed me to be a leader for my reporters and helped me through my toughest problems as an editor so far.

Now,  Adam Tumino is the Editor-in-Chief I work with. Adam has been a close friend of mine since 2018 and my soon-to-be roommate.

We have struggled through one of the toughest years The Daily Eastern News has had together and made the most of it.

He’s taught me how to design and helps me when everything seems to be going wrong. I could not have made it through this year without him.

Now, as of Tuesday night, I will be the next Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Eastern News and to be completely honest I am scared as hell to be taking over this position. But, I know that I will have the support of the wonderful people who have come before me and that I will be working with next year.

I am proud to continue the long line of Editors-in-Chief that I follow and excited to lead a new staff of student journalists.

As I plan the many changes that are expected to happen in the Fall semester, I am excited and anxious to start.

I cannot wait to begin offering positions to those who will work on my staff. I know that they will be fantastic leaders and live up to every goal I have for them.

It may be tough at times but I know the guidance I have received has prepared me for it.

Thank you to those who made me ready to take on this position and to those who believed in me enough to give me the opportunities to be in the position I am. I cannot thank you enough.


Corryn Brock is a junior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]