Editorial: We must stand united with AAPI individuals as hate against them rises

Staff Editorial

Eastern reflected on hate and racism towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during a vigil Monday evening.

The event was one of many this month to celebrate the heritage of the AAPI communities.

During the event participants had a moment of silence and reflection to think about those communities and the struggles they are currently facing.

We at The Daily Eastern News appreciate the gesture of the vigil and see a lot of power behind it.

Most of the time when people think of racism, they think of racism toward Black and Latinx individuals, but often there are groups of people left out in talks about racism.

While those groups are incredibly important to focus on and fight for, but they are not the only ones who need support. We cannot be a society fighting for one group of people only and expect true change.

To combat racism, no one can be excluded. Everyone must be represented and stand united to fight back against the rise in bigotry across the world.

We must fight for all of those who experience racism and stand against heinous acts of hate towards people of color. 

During the vigil, it was discussed that there is still much to be done in this fight and we cannot agree more. 

This month we encourage everyone to take part in events being held for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Eastern. Educate yourself on AAPI history or perhaps the struggles they are currently facing. No amount of effort is too small.

We all must stand united with AAPI people.