Combs celebrates reelection, 40th birthday

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Brandon Combs was re-elected to his position as Mayor of Charleston Tuesday.

Combs was not only re-elected but also celebrated his 40th birthday.

The positions on the Charleston City Council were up for re-election on Tuesday: mayor and two council member positions.

Combs ran uncontested and therefore received 100 percent of the votes.

Councilmen Matthew Hutti and Dennis Malak were also up for re-election and won.

Hutti received 730 votes and Malak received 469 votes, meaning Hutti held 60.88% of the votes and Malak held 39.12%.

Brandon Bell won the seat of Charleston Township Supervisor with 555 votes.

His opponent, Terry Allen, received 506 votes.

The race was separated by five percent.

Larry Hanner will be the Charleston Township Clerk after running uncontested.

Similarly, Mix Cox won the seat of Charleston Township Highway Commissioner after running uncontested.

Four individuals ran for Charleston Township Trustees. Matt Daugherty received 677 votes, Dan Spence received 628 votes, Penny Allen received 584 votes and Melissa Daugherty received 637.

Kris Phipps ran uncontested for the position of Charleston Township Park District Commissioner.

Two races were for seats on the Charleston School Board.

Eva Ritchey received 1,071 votes for the seats representing the remaining townships in Charleston. Jason Coe received 1,049 votes.

Brandon Wright won the second open seat for the school board with 662 votes.

His opponents received a combined 815 votes with Matt Titus receiving 602 votes and Drew Pounds received 213 votes.


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