Knot tied at Klehm

Corryn Brock and Luke Taylor

Spontaneous wedding bells rang in the Klehm Courtyard the afternoon of April 2.

Jordyn Hayes, a graduate student in the College of Health and Human Services, married Chris Bright, with Dr. Sheila Simons, professor of public health, officiating the wedding.

The couple had been engaged since November 2020 and decided the weekend before their wedding that they wanted to get married that week.

“We just were looking at each other and said, ‘let’s do it, we don’t want to wait any more.’ We were always finding excuses not to do things for us because we have two kids so I said ‘I’m off Friday, you get off work on Friday morning, let’s do it,’” Jordyn said. “I texted Dr. Simons and she said ‘I would love to!’”

Chris said the couple could not wait to get married.

“We didn’t want to wait forever, it just felt right to go do it. We got the love spirit going and we’re just so sure of each other,” Bright said.

Chris said he was elated to marry Jordyn.

“It feels good, it feels better than good. It feels like one journey’s complete and we’re ready to start another one,” Chris said. “It’s been five years since we’ve been together and it’s been a long five years.”

Jordyn related to her new groom’s thoughts.

“Five years, two kids, I completed my (Bachelor’s degree) after seven years, I’ll be graduating with my (Master’s degree) in the fall,” Jordyn said. “I mean we’re just ready for our next journey and that’s what this starts.”

Sheila said she was happy to take part in the newlyweds’ day.

“Once the ceremony starts and as you’re talking to (the couple) and then they have that moment  to profess their love for one another, to me, that’s the best goal that we could possibly have for one another and each other in relationships,” Sheila said. “To hear people commit to one another in that way, and that they’re making that commitment for the long haul, that to me is the most wonderful thing. I just really enjoy that.”

“The vows they had for one another were just so sweet and it was just really nice,” Simons said.

This was the fifth wedding Sheila has officiated.

“I’ll do it for anyone and I’ll do it for no charge…regardless of what the couple is or what their dynamics are. I’ve down pansexual couples, throuples, I’ve done those too, totally cool,” Sheila said.

Under COVID-19 guidelines, the wedding was different from other weddings Sheila has performed. Her signature wedding smile may have been covered by a mask, but her joy for the couple was not.

“It’s always funny because if you look at some of the photos people have taken of me doing these weddings, I always have a big smile on my face.”

Sheila said she was proud to be involved in the wedding in the capacity she was for Jordyn’s wedding.

“It’s kind of fun for me to do it, but it’s also such an honor to be able to do it, Jordyn’s our graduate assistant, she asked me to do it and I’m so happy to help her with that.”


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