Editorial: Eastern must offer credit/no credit option this semester

Staff Editorial

Eastern has offered students a credit/no credit option in the last two semesters that has saved many students on their path to graduation.

As the current semester nears the end it leaves us to wonder if students will have the same option afforded to them in the Spring 2021 semester and rumors around campus leave us less than hopeful.

However, we do hope that the university realizes the place many students are in right now. So many students are feeling burnt out, frustrated, and hopeless after a semester of no true breaks from the constant work load given to college students.

While our editorial board is grateful that the administration found a way to encourage safer behavior this year regarding the pandemic, it does not change the fact that our annual break from the stress of college was stripped from our students and replaced with random days off that were never truly spent de-stressing.

They were spent catching up on homework and studying. If students were lucky they could sleep in, but in no way does that compare to the break given during Spring Break.

Now, as we move into the final weeks before the end of the semester, we at The Daily Eastern News urge Eastern administrators to see that their students are struggling. Our editorial board is fully aware of the mental health toll this semester has had on all of us and we have heard from our peers on how much they are struggling to keep their heads above the water.

We know the university does not want to see its students fail but with how stressful the semester has been, that looks likely.

Eastern must offer the credit/no credit option to students this semester, otherwise we fear the impact it will have on our peers.