City Council to place budget on display for inspection after Tuesday meeting

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The Charleston city budget for the Fiscal Year beginning May 1, 2021, and ending April 30, 2022 will be placed on file for public inspection following the Charleston City Council meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The budget will be available for review at the Carnegie Library and City Hall beginning March 17 after it is approved by the council.

The council is recommended to approve the item placing the budget on file for inspection.

The budget will online at the council’s section of the city website.

The council will also vote on waiving the procedures for a purchase from Pilson Auto Center.

The item the city would be purchasing is a 2021 Ford F250 utility to replace a 2001 Ford F250 for the Parks and Recreation Department.

The reason for the purchase is so that the Parks and Recreation Department can “in order to continue to provide and maintain the existing level of services to the community.”

The purchase would not exceed $39,474.

The council will also vote on granting a petition for a rear yard zoning variance at 1610 Redbud Rd.

The property is occupied by Pro-Mow Lawn Care.

The council is being asked to allow the owner, Ed Carter, to build a 2,640 square foot building on the land that would be 15 feet from the rear property line. The property is zoned as agricultural which requires a 35 foot set back from the rear property line.

The following finding of fact was listed in the item:

“The current “Pro-Mow” building is deteriorated and needs to be re placed. The orientation of the building will shift from west/east to north/south in order for the operation to function effectively. Currently, the existing building is approximately 8’ from the west property line (rear). The new building will shift to the east and allow for a 15’ rear yard setback, improving the existing condition.”

Mayor Brandon Combs will also announce two re-appoints that will be voted on by the council.

One re-appoint is for Brendan Lynch to a three-year term on the Fire and Police Board of Commissioners.

The other will be for the re-appointment Charleston Fire Department Steve Bennett for a four-year on the Charleston Electrical Commission.

The continuation of the local state of emergency will also be voted on.

According to the resolution, “The nature of the emergency is the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic of sufficient severity and magnitude that it may result in or threaten the death or illness of persons to such an extent that extraordinary measures must be taken to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Charleston, and thereby it has warranted an emergency declaration for all states and local government entities and more specifically within the corporate limits of the City of Charleston.”

The staff recommends that council waive the layover and approve the item.

Following the action items, time is reserved for members of the public to address the council. No action will be taken on matters not listed on the agenda, and the Council is not required to take any further action or to discuss the matter further. Public comment can be made or submitted remotely via email to [email protected] Those interested in submitting public comment should send emails prior to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday and indicate in the subject line: CC: 03/16/2020, so the city clerk knows the email is public comment for the meeting.


Corryn Brock can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]