Editorial: Get COVID test if you were at weekend parties

Staff Editorial

With two, mostly-maskless parties being held last weekend, it was inevitable that COVID-19 would eventually be linked to these gatherings.

Surely enough, there has been a positive test for someone who attended one of the parties, and everyone else who attended should be cautious and get tested for the virus themselves.

Even if you do not have symptoms, it is important that you get tested so you do not transmit the virus to others. Even if you were not at any of the parties, but were with someone who was, you should also get tested.

We at The Daily Eastern News want everyone to take any steps necessary to stop a possible super spreader from happening on campus.

We do not yet know how many people were directly or indirectly exposed as a result of the weekend parties, but we hope the numbers can remain limited.

We are getting nearer to the end of the pandemic, with President Biden saying Thursday that he plans on all U.S. adults to be eligible for COVID vaccines by May 1, and small gatherings can start to happen possibly by July 4.

We are so close to things returning to some kind of normalcy, and having a large setback now would be very disappointing.

Saturday marks a year since Eastern announced the extension of Spring Break and that classes would be moved online for the rest of that semester.

It would be a shame to mark that anniversary with a surge of cases on campus.

Since it has been a year, we should all know what to do to slow the spread of the virus.

For those who still seem to be unaware, wear your mask, socially distance and get tested.