EDITORIAL: Journalist’s acquittal important, necessary

Staff Editorial

Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri was acquitted by an Iowa jury Tuesday after being arrested covering protests in Des Moines in May.

She was not the only reporter arrested covering protests over the summer, but she was the only one to actually go to trial.

Sahouri was the first U.S. journalist to face a criminal trial since 2018, and she was there simply for doing her job.

We at The Daily Eastern News think that it is vital that journalists be allowed to cover things like protests of racial injustice and other similar things without being violently arrested.

Sahouri was pepper sprayed despite identifying herself as a reporter. Her boyfriend at the time was also present, and was telling police that she was a reporter.

She should never have been arrested and any charges should have been promptly dropped.

Although he arrest was troubling, her acquittal is a very important thing that.

A free press is needed all over the world, and journalists should never be punished for simply trying to cover something that is happening.

Hopefully those who pursued charges against Sahouri, chiefly Polk County Attorney John Sarcone, will face repercussions.

He should have known better, and hopefully other people will do the right thing when put in his position.