Shed, home damaged in structure fire Monday

Corryn Brock, News Editor

A structure fire at 14819 Cozy Lane started from a grass fire, according to Fred Reynolds, district chief for the Lincoln Fire Protection District.

The grass fire burned approximately an acre of land.

The fire damaged a shed and the siding of the home that was being renovated by Chris Norman.

“I was remodeling it because the house is old and I’m trying to move in myself and start my own family,” Norman said.

Norman said he was burning wood in the morning with his mother and left for Mattoon after extinguishing it. He said he believes it reignited while he was in Mattoon.

Alicia Morecraft, a neighbor, said she saw her neighbors start a fire in the morning before leaving for a meeting at her children’s school.

By the time she returned home she says the fire was by a propane tank and was concerned about it exploding. However, Norman said the tank was empty so there was no danger.

“As soon as I get home I see a fire and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, let me get all of my kids and go,’” Morecraft said. “I was freaking out because I pulled up wondering what the heck was going on and that’s what it was.”

Morecraft’s daughter called 911 and as they waited for LFPD to arrive at the scene she heard two loud noises.

Reynolds said it was likely the popping sounds heard by Morecraft came from within the shed.

“My guess is probably something inside of the shed. It could have been a propane tank, it could have been tires. A lot of times those tires expand then pop and make big booms so that’s probably what it was although I haven’t been inside there to be able to say for sure,” Reynolds said.


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