Editorial: Using the private information that was shared in mass email is wrong

Staff Editorial

It is important that students do not take advantage of the recent  mass email that shared the personal information of many students.

While it may be tempting to use that information to learn how your peers shape up against you in their GPAs or to look into their other personal information, take a step back to think about what you are doing by using that information for your personal advantage.

That information is private and protected for a reason. No student who for some reason gains access to others GPA should use that information in any way.

It can turn into an unhealthy and unnecessarily competitive race between peers. Not only does it make it an awkward and uncomfortable environment to learn in, it is also unfair of any student to look up that information of another student for their own advantage.

Even as a joke among friends, it may not be as funny as you think.

Some students may be embarrassed by their GPA, scared of others judging them for it or may just not want you to know it. All of those are completely valid reasons for everyone to mind their own business regarding the email.

What may seem like a bad GPA to you may be a major accomplishment to the person it belongs to. Put yourself in their shoes.

Some students may also not want to know their GPA for other reasons. They may be feeling anxious about classes and not want to have the added pressure of knowing their GPA.

Would you enjoy having someone search through your private information, whether as a joke or to be nosey?