Students talk issues with procrastination

Brysen Carr, Contributing Writer

Procrastination is an action that takes over people’s bodies and is hard to get away from.

There are certain people who have this bad habit and do it often. While others tend to be able to get themselves out of this mental and physical pause.

Eastern students can experience this as well especially as midterms are nearing; where most students have projects and or exams to take.

Nicholas Bays, a junior majoring in sports media relations and German, says that he procrastinates every now and then depending on the day. Bays says that his procrastination is due to a lack of motivation and or being exhausted. 

Because of these specific reasons he says that it is harder to reach his full potential when working on an assignment.

“If I procrastinate in something, it’s incredibly hard to do something to the best of my abilities since it normally means having to rush and not be able to devote as much time to my assignment as I normally wish I could,” said Bays.

To counter his struggles with the bad habit, Bays tries to break down his assignments so that he is not as overwhelmed with his workloads.

Bryce Herrin, a senior majoring in journalism, mentions that he procrastinates often, but more so when it comes to smaller assignments.

Herrin says that he works better when he is in crunch time versus working on his assignments in portions. But because he works on things in the last moments before something is due, he often runs into not being as prepared as he should be.

“I do have times where my unpreparedness has caused me to not be able to handle certain tasks that I thought I could,” said Herrin.

To lower his chances of procrastinating, Herrin says that he writes daily reminders to himself to get his work done along with buying and using his planner journal. He also says that he puts his phone in “airplane mode” so that he focuses on his work.

There are methods that can help those who struggle with procrastination:

One way is to find a place that is quiet and does not have very many distractions because distractions can keep work from being done.

Using a strict time schedule for work can help to ensure that work is done in a timely fashion.

Using rewards or breaks can help incentivize doing things quickly. 


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