Students share study tips for midterms

Emilee Tosh, Campus Reporter

Midterms week is, more often than not, stressful for a lot of people. While students are cramming for exams, the concern of getting a good grade lingers in the back of everyone’s minds.

However, midterms do not have to be a miserable and stressful time.

Some students have found ways to combat the struggles associated with studying.

Emilie Bowman, sophomore English education major, said she makes sure to plan out her week as much as possible so she doesn’t miss any work for her classes.

“So, every week I write my classes on a piece of loose leaf paper with all the assignment and the day they’re due next to it. After I complete an assignment, I put a red X in a box next to it,” Bowman said. “This way I can plan out my entire week on Sunday and I almost never miss or forget an assignment or deadline.”

According to the Princeton Review, a college admissions services company, there are a lot of things students can do to ensure they will be as successful as possible. One of those things is getting a good night’s rest.

While it is tempting to pull all-nighters and finish your study guide, health is just as important as grades. Plus, a good night’s sleep can help sharpen the mind.

Senior geography major Skylar Redmond said she uses flash cards, having a friend quiz her and rewriting the information she has to retain it better.

The Princeton Review also suggested this relaxation tip: “Lie down and tense, then relax, the muscles of your body starting with your feet and slowly working up to your head. By the time you finish, you will feel calm and ready for a restful night of sleep.”

Another important thing to do the day of the midterm is make sure to eat breakfast.

The Princeton Review also suggested eating something healthy, like scrambled eggs or yogurt and granola, to ensure students will not be distracted by their stomach making noises while they take midterms.

However, people should avoid eating too much as it can make lead to being tired and a loss of focus.

During test taking it is important to slow down and not rush through. Rushing through the test will end up hurting the grade on the test.

Some professors assign essays for their course’s midterm.

Outlining essays can help students improve their writing and ensure they get the best grade possible. One way to outline is to start by reading the prompt thoroughly, then start writing down key points that should be included in the essay.

Redmond said she recommends using the Student Success Center when it comes to help preparing for midterms.

“Just try different study techniques to try to find what works for you. Look up study tips,” Redmond said. “Or the student success center gives out great tips.”

She said she has always benefited from their help.

“I’ve been going there for four years and they have helped me tremendously, really wonderful staff.”


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