Column: ‘Skyrim’ remains a great game after nearly a decade

Adam Tumino

I need to pass the time until I can comfortably afford a PlayStation 5, so I decided to go back to my PS3 and play the excellent 2011 game ‘Skyrim’ again after a long absence.

I have spent more hours playing ‘Skyrim’ than I have spent on any other game in my life, and despite my familiarity with it and its relatively old age, it remains an absolute joy to play.

I remember being slightly overwhelmed when I first played ‘Skyrim’ nearly a decade ago.

I accidentally killed a chicken just minutes into the game and was attacked by villagers immediately. I had no idea what was happening, so I just started over.

The vastness of the world and the depth of the gameplay soon came into better focus, and after many hundreds of hours, ‘Skyrim’ became my favorite game.

I jumped back in with and created a character over the weekend, and I was surprised at how fresh the game still felt.

It has probably been two years or so since I really played it, but it felt like I never stopped at all.

But I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed sneaking through caves and dungeons, shooting arrows through the dark hallways.

Another great experience in ‘Skyrim’ is when you are just traveling across the map, minding your own business, and a dragon swoops down on you, whether you are ready or not.

Some of the game’s infamous glitches are always fun to experience as well, assuming they don’t break the game.

I have never not enjoyed watching a bandit get launched into space by a giant’s club. It is slightly less fun when you are the one being launched, but at least you get a nice aerial view of the map that way.

But for me, the strengths of ‘Skyrim’ come in its quieter moments.

Some of my very best memories come from walking around the map at night, either through the tundra or across mountains, and looking up at the sky.

Although ‘Skyrim’ is an older game, and some of its visual flaws are very evident, its starry skies and foggy mountains are still beautiful to look at.

Looking at my bank account, it may be a while before I invest in a PS5.

I certainly would like to have more money, but on the bright side, this means I can play plenty more ‘Skyrim.’ There are definitely worse things to do.


Adam Tumino is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]