Fashion Friday: 7 trends making a comeback in the fashion world

Julie Zaborowski, Staff Reporter

Of course, when it comes to fashion, history repeats itself.

Designers do not play favorites with one decade forever and every new year brings a new batch of styles.

Fashion is timeless and sometimes treads from years before will make a comeback.

Here are some trends that are making a comeback in 2021:

1. Mom Jeans

First off from the 90s we have mom jeans. These jeans are high waisted and have a loose-fitting leg that just tapers right above the ankle.

They can be worn with a sandal or some other delicate footwear. Skinny jeans are no longer the only pants sold in stores and for those who like a little wiggle room should be ecstatic to see them back.

2. Go-go boots

Throwing it back to the 70s the iconic white go-go boots were most women’s go to clubbing shoes.

Pair these shoes with a colorful mini dress and they made the perfect outfit for a night at the disco. Now we are seeing these boots back on shelves in various lengths from ankle height to right above the knee.

3. Corduroy

Another timeless trend from the 70s is corduroy. Corduroy jeans, jackets, purses and everything was extremely popular in the 70s, but since then corduroy has just mainly been used to make children’s clothing. Now it is coming back around again.

4. Silk scarfs

From all the way back in the 50s the silk scarf trend has emerged. Silk scarfs were a big hit in the 50s and are a big hit today.

We are not wearing silk scarfs as they did in the 50s. Instead, we are becoming more creative, turning our silk scarfs into tops or even hair accessories.

5. Biker shorts

Having their moment in the 80s and then again in the 90s and now in the 21st century, biker shorts keep coming back. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid can be seen rocking these shorts with an oversized shirt and pair of chunky sneakers.

6. Chunky sneakers

The 80s was the decade of the sneaker. Everyone was wearing Levi’s and white tennis shoes, the chunkier the better. Chunky sneakers were a trend that nobody thought would come back into style again. Today, this trend is back in full swing, with designer brands like Yeezy and Gucci producing some of the chunkiest shoes to date.

7. Scrunchies

The plain black tight, elastic hair bands that we are so used to seeing are starting to be swapped out for a softer, more delicate option from the 80s- scrunchies.

These hair ties are much better for your hair health than the black elastic hair bands we normally see. Scrunchies create less friction and breakage on your hair and you are less likely to leave bends in hair from being tied up. Plus, they are back in style! It is a win-win.


Julie Zaborowski can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]