CAA approves 12 proposals Thursday

Adam Tumino, Editor-in-Chief

There were 14 action items on the agenda for Eastern’s Council on Academic Affairs for their meeting Thursday afternoon.

The first proposal was a revision for a course in the career and technical education department. The revision is for CTE 3405 Methods of Teaching Business Ed and would combine CTE 3400 with CTE 3405. It was approved by the council.

The next item was the removal of the Adult Education Minor from the catalog. The removal is required because Eastern no longer offers the Adult and Community Education Major and no students are currently pursuing the minor. The proposal was approved by CAA.

Next on the agenda was a proposed revision to the electrical engineering program, which read:

“The Electrical Engineering program would like to add PHY 1100, Logic Design, to the list of courses required for the major.”

This addition was aimed to introduce students to key concepts in their freshman year instead of sophomore year. It was approved.

The following item, a revision to the geography major and two related minors, was withdrawn. It will be split into separate proposals and be added to the agenda next week.

The first new course proposal of the meeting was the next item on the agenda. It was ECN 3520 Economics of Crime and it was approved by the council.

The rational for the proposal stated:

“The economics of crime provides a different perspective on the reasons for crime and the effects of policies that differ from other social and behavioral sciences.”

The following proposal, a new course in the geography department, was postponed until next week’s meeting to be heard alongside the other geography proposals that were withdrawn.

Two proposals for the communication studies program, one being a new course and the other being a proposal to alter the program to implement the course. Both were approved.

The course is CMN 4680 Capstone in CMN Studies.

“A capstone class is common in many majors and can provide a cohesive culminating experience for students,” the rationale for the proposal read.

The six remaining proposals in the meeting were all for the nutrition and dietetics departments.

The first was a new course, NTR 2190 Honors Personal Nutrition. This course will provide an honors alternative to similar courses.

The second is also a new course, NTR 2600 Research Methods, that will be an introductory course into research methodology.

The next is a revision to NTR 2750 Nutrition Assessment and Counseling that will make the material covered in the course more extensive.

Another new course, NTR 4754 Social Marketing for Nutrition, was the next item. This course is designed to provide students “with a foundation of social marketing and media strategy as applied to nutrition education and research,” according to the proposal’s rationale.

The next proposal was a revision to the NTR major to implement the new and revised courses and the final proposal was a similar change to the minor to implement the courses.

No further action was taken during the meeting due to the high number of items on the agenda.

The council’s next meeting will be held Feb. 25 at 2 p.m.


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