Naming Committee to discuss name change

Luke Taylor, Associate News Editor

Eastern’s Naming Committee will meet Wednesday to continue the process of deciding whether to change the name of Douglas Hall.

Those interested in speaking to a member of the committee can reach out to Don Holly (representing the Faculty Senate), Claudia Janssen-Danyi (representing the Council on Academic Affairs), Angie Campbell (committee chair and representative of the Staff Senate), Diane Burns (representing the Council of Chairs), Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani (representing the Student Senate), Carlos Amaya (presidential appointee), Mona Davenport (presidential appointee) or Ken Wetstein, Vice President of University Advancement and ex officio convener of the committee.

The floor will also be opened for guest speaker recommendations; so far, Campbell has recommended David Kent Coy because he is well versed on the topic of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. 


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