Column: A winter storm? Snow thank you

Luke Taylor

The only thing anyone has been able to talk about for the past few days is how cold it is and how much it snowed.

Almost a foot of snow! My car got stuck! It took me an hour to shovel my driveway!

Somehow it seems that the only people who missed the weather event are whoever is in charge of responding to things like that here at Eastern.

We got a day off of classes on Monday, which was great considering the number of people I saw pushing their cars out of snowbanks, as well as the overall frigid conditions and continuous snowfall.

However, we didn’t get a second day off.

Part of me understands this; professors want to teach their classes, faculty wants to go to work, and students… Well, students probably would’ve liked another day off.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how we’re expected to get to class if sidewalks and parking lots across campus aren’t relatively clear of snow.

In the morning on Tuesday, the main issue was that cars were getting stuck and anyone walking was having to wade through snowbanks. As the day progressed, the snow packed down and became slippery because it wasn’t cold enough to melt.

I’m writing this at nearly 11 PM, and some of my classmates’ cars are still completely snowed in.

Living on campus, I mostly forgot that this mattered.

“Whatever,” I thought. “There’s a dining hall in my building and I don’t have classes today. I’ll just do homework online.”

People who live off campus do not have that privilege.

I can’t imagine what I would’ve done today if I lived elsewhere in Charleston, not to mention outside of town.

Do you skip classes and spend the day thinking about how much money you’re paying for your education or do you venture out and risk getting in an accident?

Additionally, I have the very real privilege of being able-bodied.

Eastern’s Student Disability Services do have a program which helps to guarantee that sidewalks will be cleared for students who use walking aids or wheelchairs or are at risk of falling.

This is pretty cool, but with parking lots piled with snow, or “cleared” sidewalks that are really just packed snow that has become bumpy and slick at places, I can’t imagine that those students feel safe on their way to classes.

This stress in walking or driving is the last thing we need with all the challenges of this school year, and it is completely unnecessary.

You don’t want to cancel classes, but it would be unsafe to have them in person? That’s crazy, I’ve never heard of that dilemma before.

Over the past year, colleges across the country have proven time and time again that students and faculty can work together and use technology to overcome challenges.

We all know how to use Zoom. Eastern is paying for us to be able to have long Zoom classes.

If weather conditions last for more than one day, what’s stopping us from using our resources for online learning?


Luke Taylor is a sophomore journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]