Students share plans for spending Valentine’s with significant others

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Campus Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually on Feb. 14 when lovers can express their affection with greetings and gifts. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday, during which many Eastern students will make fun plans to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

Karrin Estes, a freshman music education student, is celebrating Valentine’s Day with her partner. Because of Covid, they decided to celebrate the holiday by having their own date night dinner from the comfort of their home.

Estes explained that celebrating from home helps them spend quality time together while staying safe from Covid.

“I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my partner. Even though it’s important to show love every day, it’s really fun to just have a day dedicated to it,” Estes said.

This is the couple’s first Valentine’s Day together, and Estes is excited to spend the holiday with someone she loves.

“Before being in a relationship, I usually just treated [Valentine’s Day] as a self love day, and bought myself some chocolate. Now, I have someone to buy it for me! I definitely enjoy the day more being able to spend it with my partner,” Estes said.

Before meeting her partner, Estes dreaded the arrival of Valentine’s Day because she had no one to celebrate with, explaining that it felt lonely.

“In a way it’s nice to have someone to celebrate with, but as I grow older I realize that it doesn’t have to be a celebration of romantic love. It can be any kind of love!” Estes said.

Juan Castillo, first year graduate student studying in nutrition dietetics, is also planning to spend Valentine’s Day with his significant other.

“My girlfriend and I plan on doing a small gift exchange and then going out to lunch or dinner! Then we plan on taking pictures and ultimately ending the night watching our favorite movies and just enjoying each other’s company,” Castillo said.

What Castillo likes about Valentine’s Day is that exchanging gifts and spending time with the person he loves means he gets to see that person happy and smiling.

“I’ve always been more of a gift giver than a receiver so knowing that they’re happy and appreciated makes the day completely worth it,” Castillo said.

Though Castillo is spending time with his girlfriend, he is a strong believer in the idea that Valentine’s Day can be a holiday to celebrate all types of love.

“Valentine’s Day is just a day where people can appreciate one another. I know that it has a romantic theme behind it, but oftentimes, I think it’s a good day to show people that you appreciate and love them,” Castillo said. “This can be anyone from a significant other to a best friend to even a family member who is spending this day alone.”

Luis Paniagua, junior graphic design student, is also a strong believer in the idea that Valentine’s Day is not only reserved for people in relationships. In fact, he is celebrating Valentine’s Day alongside his closest friends.

“For Valentine’s Day, I’m having a small photoshoot with some friends. We’re just getting glammed up and popping off for those photos. We’ll also be eating dinner and watching cheesy romantic comedies together. It’s just a small thing I’m having this weekend with close friends,” Paniagua said.

“Even though Valentine’s Day is more of a romantic holiday, I still celebrate it because I’m always with my friends, so we’re just going to do our thing and celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day.’ We’re going to show ourselves a little self love and celebrate platonic love, which are just as important,” he further explained.

Paniagua has always loved the holiday, thinking it is a great holiday to share your love with the world.

“I honestly really enjoy the holiday! I think it’s a beautiful day and just a great day for people to show the people they care about lots of love! It is just an overall happy day for lots of people. I love how you can just feel the love in the air,” Paniagua said.


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