Student Senate holds in-person meeting

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

The first in-person meeting for Student Senate meeting this semester led with the swearing in of Senator Paige Thing.

She was led by President Khamisani for oath in the Grand Ballroom of the MLK union building, where the meeting took place.

Senator Thing when asked about potential committees she was interested in was considering University Enhancements, but overall states, “It doesn’t matter much where I am placed, I just hope to make a difference.”

Quorum was not met with enough senators being present, though four senators did attend via zoom which was presented on screen in the Grand Ballroom.

Dr. Donald Holly, anthropology professor and faculty chairperson, led audience participation to present a +/- Grading Scale change and facilitate discussion.

“The point of tonight is to start a conversation on campus,” Holly started with.

“10 points between grades is too many. It doesn’t work to encourage learning at the end of the semester and doesn’t give students opportunity to try. A straight grade system doesn’t fairly reflect work.” 

He referenced his anthropology classes and students he has taught to stress the difference between students with different work ethics reflected by grades.

The appointment of Ashley Bartley and Carey Hendrix to Student Dean Advisory Council was postponed because of a lack of quorum.

Due to a lack of quorum the Senator appointment process was changed to include automatic appointment, removing the step of putting them on the consent agenda.

Speaker Elections will be postponed until a 14-member quorum is met.

There was no advisor report from Ceci Brinker or graduate advisor report from Shawn Hammers.

President Khamisani’s executive report included sexual assault awareness month activities starting Mar. 31 through the month of April.

Vice President Perri’s executive report included potentially inviting the mayor and council members to senate meetings for Charleston COVID-19 updates and other important updates relevant to Eastern students.

Further plans are in the making for recruiting student action team members, hoping to get it off the ground this semester.

VPAA Richards announced Prowlin with the Prez’ to finally have a set date of Feb. 22 via zoom at 6 p.m.

It will be a Kahoot game with 4 rounds of trivia with 4 prizes up for grabs with President Glassman.

VPSA Coffey was not able to attend due to recent surgery.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held Feb. 10.


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