Editorial: Grim virus projections serve as reminder

Staff Editorial

As many parts of Illinois are loosening COVID-19 restrictions and millions of doses of vaccines are being distributed, the grim projections the White House announced regarding the virus Wednesday are sobering.

The Biden administration began its new health briefings Wednesday, saying that more than 90,000 more deaths could occur in the next four weeks.

We at The Daily Eastern News see this as a stark reminder of how dangerous this virus can be, and although many people can see a light at the end of the tunnel, we are still deep in that tunnel.

This does not mean that we cannot be positive about the future, but it does mean that we have to remain vigilant and continue to make decisions that can keep us and others safe.

We are approaching a year since COVID-19 derailed the lives of billions of people, and we understand many are very tired of the whole thing. Just because you may be tired of the virus does not mean it is over.

Keep wearing your masks properly. Follow social distancing rules and avoid large crowds. Even as protocols are eased, continue to be cautious.

With the newest projections, death in the U.S. are going to well surpass 500,000. We need to try out best to make sure we are not one of them.