Student Gov. results to be announced Wednesday

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The Student Senate will announce the unofficial results of 2021 Special Senator Election at its first meeting of the semester Wednesday at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

Chad Rosenblum, a junior criminology major, and Blake Minor, a freshman business major, both students who are involved with the Election Commission of the Special Election, will be in attendance during the audience participation to announce the results.

The nine candidates for the senator positions are:

· Prabin Karki

· Muhammad Ibraham

· Kassandra Amaya

· Jessica Johnson

· Francesco Romano

· Kate Alexander

· Subodh Khanal

· Seth Yeakel

· Marcus Powell

Videos of Karki, Amaya, Romano and Yeakel can be found on the senate’s Instagram account to learn more about the platforms they are running on.

Benjamin Drake, a Residence Hall Association National/Illinois Communications Coordinator, will also speak to the senate at that time.

During the meeting the new senators will go through their orientation.

Orientation includes meeting procedures, senate requirements and expectations, committees, diversity requirements, office hours and event planning for the senate.

Included in the consent agenda is the appointment of two students.

Ashley Bartley, a senior exercise science major, will be appointed to the Student Dean Advisory Council.

Paige Thing, a freshman political science major, will be appointed to the senate.

Reports given during the meeting will include an adviser report from Ceci Brinker and a graduate report from Shawn Hammers.

Executive reports will be given by:

Student Body President, Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani, a senior English major

Executive Vice President, Michael Perri, a senior political science major

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Justin Richards, a senior digital media technology major

Vice President of Student Affairs, Skylar Coffey, a graduate student studying political science

Interim Speaker of the Senate Report, Richards

No committee reports will be given during the meeting.

The next senate meeting will be held Feb. 3.


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