Editorial: Biden’s climate plans a welcome change of pace

Staff Editorial

President Joe Biden taking office should be a major moment in the fight against global climate change.

His predecessor showed a complete lack of interest in curbing climate change, and at times seemed to even shun ideas. His rollbacks of policies designed to protect the environment were concerning and his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord was certainly a big step in the wrong direction.

But with Biden in office, the United States is back in the Paris accord, and more action on climate is likely to follow.

We at The Daily Eastern News are glad to see a president take global climate change seriously and take immediate action to help the world slow the effects of human-caused climate change.

Climate change is a serious threat to life on earth, with devastating effects of climate change already being felt around the globe.

It is a problem that is likely to get worse, and certainly will get much worse relatively quickly if action is not taken. It is vital that we take action as soon as possible to lower carbon emissions and slow the speed with which global temperatures are rising.

If we do, we can help lessen the severity of natural disasters that have been exacerbated by climate change in recent years.

President Biden seems to be dedicated to the climate fight, and has picked qualified experts to lead America’s efforts.

But we have to make sure that we remain committed.

Climate change is a problem that affects everyone, but it is slightly calming to know that our government will start recognizing the urgency and seriousness of the problem.