Editorial: Trump is out, not a minute too soon

Staff Editorial

The presidency of Donald Trump came to an end Wednesday, and we at The Daily Eastern News are looking forward to putting this shameful period of American history in our past.

Trump’s presidency brought out the worst in lots of people, which all culminated on Jan. 6 when his supporters stormed the Capitol after being inspired by his statements that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

It was a period where the ever-present divisions between Americans, political and social, were widened to a point where repairing them may seem impossible.

It seemed that every day under Trump, there was an attack on basic facts and science, and faith in journalism and medicine declined among millions of people.

It was an ugly period of social unrest and racial tension. Many people saw personal relationships destroyed or irreparably damaged.

But now that the Trump era is behind us as a country, we cannot ignore the ugliness it brought out in our society.

The wounds created over the last four years will never fully heal, and if we pay no attention to these wounds, they will continue to get worst.

But hopefully we can start to heal these wounds, but no progress will be made if no effort is made.

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