Editorial: Watch the inauguration if you have the chance

Staff Editorial

Today’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden will certainly be an event that many people watch very closely.

Any inauguration is a major event, but this one has taken on many different meanings, some good and some bad.

For some, the inauguration signals the end of Trump’s presidency and a respite from the exhausting news cycles surrounding his administration over the last few years.

For Trump’s supporters, who wrongfully believe that the election was stolen, the inauguration is a travesty. Some of them will be protesting it, and authorities have been tracking concerning trends on social media calling for violence.

Members of the National Guard are being vetted prior to the inauguration in case they pose any security risks, and 12 have already been removed from the event after it was discovered they have tied to right-wing militia groups or have made extremist statements online.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly and the peaceful transfer of power will continue to be a tradition of our country.

Regardless of what happens, or does not happen, we at The Daily Eastern News urge all students who are able to watch the inauguration tomorrow take the time to actually watch it.

It is an important and historical event that everyone has the ability to watch live if they choose.