Column: Keep an open mind toward aliens

Gillian Eubanks

Last December, Donald Trump signed a coronavirus relief bill that amounted to $2.3 trillion, according to an article written by Harmeet Kaur at CNN. But did you know that there was a section in this bill that said the United States intelligence has to tell Congress what they know about aliens and UFOs?

They had 180 days from Dec. 27, 2020 when the bill was signed to release this information. This leaves us with 162 days from the day I’m writing this, Jan. 14, 2021.

This is really interesting information. The reports must include anything they currently know of of unexplained aerial phenomena, and the potentials of UFOs causing a national security threat.

I realize that the idea of aliens and UFOs tend to make people close off. It’s a very controversial topic. Having a conversation about aliens with someone will either end with them thinking you’re crazy, or end with them understanding. I always say that it is better to believe in the possibilities in the universe rather than staying close minded towards the endless array of possibilities there are.

This is also not the first time that the government has confirmed UFO evidence. They’ve never outright said they exist, but we all know they have to be hiding something. In April of 2020, the Pentagon released three videos of UFOs. According to an article on, one of the released videos was from 2004 and two of the released videos were from 2015.

This kind of released evidence suggests that there is probably more evidence, data and research into aliens and UFOs. I can’t help but wonder how much we will see come out in our lifetime. I think it’s possible we will see a rise not only in information confirmed and released by the government, but also in rise in beliefs of extraterrestrial life. I mean, what are the serious chances we are the only things in the entire vast universe?

It’s safe to say that whatever information is released in the coming months on UFOs will be incredible and very controversial. If you don’t know much about aliens, I recommend researching more into aliens before they release this information to have more of an understanding on the subject.

I also believe that 2021 is proving to already be a weird year so we might as well start opening our minds to bigger ideas and beliefs.


Gillian Eubanks junior health communications major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]