Editorial: Trump setting dangerous precedent

Staff Editorial

President Trump’s attempts to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election results may be more than they seem.

These efforts, which have so far been unsuccessful, seem on the surface like a way for Trump to obstruct normal transitional behaviors and build up more support from his base of supporters.

But the tactics employed by him and his legal team actually set a dangerous precedent, which was detailed over the weekend by the Associated Press, saying that others are following Trump’s lead.

“Supporters include congressional candidates, state lawmakers, party chairs, conservative legal groups and appointees to previously little-known state vote-certification boards. The breadth of support for Trump’s effort could be a troubling sign for future elections.”

We at the Daily Eastern News believe that what the president is doing is dangerous and reckless.

It has been proven over the last four years that his supporters, whether they are political figures or civilians, will follow his lead and remain loyal for no obvious reasons.

Trump needs to understand by now that his words and actions have consequences. He cannot just say or do whatever he wants.

He probably does know this and simply does not care about the consequences, but he has likely irreparably damaged the reputation of the electoral system, which actually functioned properly in 2020.

He has caused many Americans to lose faith in the electoral process, and this can end up causing very serious problems in future elections.