Deadline approaching for credit/no credit option

Luke Taylor, Associate News Editor

As the end of the Fall semester approaches, Eastern’s administration made the decision to allow students to switch any classes to the “credit/no credit” grade type.

The deadline to use this option is not after finals as it was last semester; students must request the change by December 8.

Credit/no credit classes do not have a recorded letter or percentage grade. Instead, students receive credit for the class if they had a C or above, and no credit if their grade was below a C.

All students interested in switching grade modes for any classes should contact their academic advisors to confirm the best option.

The main purpose of switching to credit/no credit is to protect a student’s GPA. Since the letter grade isn’t recorded, a class in that mode won’t move the GPA number down- it also won’t move it up.

Jennifer Reed, an academic advisor at Eastern, said that there are a lot of factors to consider when advising students in this area.

“Some students’ choices with this policy are more clear, straight forward,” Reed said. “But depending on the student’s academic plan and/or academic standing, for example, some are far from straight forward.”

Undergraduate students can change their class mode by finding the Credit/No-Credit Fall 2020 Login link through the registrar’s portion of Eastern’s website.

Once the request has been made, it isn’t reversable, so students need to be sure of their decisions before they submit them.

The university decided to offer this option for the fall semester due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Director of Academic Advising Tyler Phelps said.

He also stressed the importance of confirming that this was the best course of action for each individual.

“Again, we advisors strongly encourage students to connect with us, should they have an interest in pursuing the credit/no credit option,” Phelps said. “In addition, we would recommend individuals follow up with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, as the credit/no credit option may impact a student’s financial aid status.”


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