Eastern students talk Cyber Monday deals

Luke Taylor, Associate News Editor

Cyber Monday is an annual marketing event which occurs on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

Retailers use the event to promote online shopping by offering special deals and promotions. The first year it was active was 2005, when online shopping was significantly less popular than it is today. Of course, all forms of online retail have shot up in popularity in 2020 as people tried to stay at home as much as possible.

Jordyn Otto, a freshman undecided major, said that she likes Cyber Monday because of the deals that help college students.

“Cyber Monday is wonderful for deals, especially for someone who is very interested in technology,” Otto said. “A lot of online retailers specializing in electronics participate in Cyber Monday, which can lead to some of the best deals you can think of when it comes to items that are usually hundreds to thousands of dollars. Students especially benefit from Cyber Monday deals on technology, especially with the increase of technological requirements for distance learning.”

However, she didn’t think she would be taking advantage of the sales this year.

“Unfortunately, because I am a poor college student, I don’t have plans to purchase anything this Cyber Monday,” Otto said. “The chance to purchase a webcam for my classes at a reduced price is rather tempting, though.”

While most businesses with online stores participate in the event, big online retailers like Amazon usually profit the most.

Events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday have been criticized for years due to how people seem to go crazy for the lowered prices, as well as the general concept of inventing a holiday to sell more products.

While Otto did say she likes Cyber Monday, she did have some criticism for its effect on small businesses.

“With online retailers being such a large fraction of consumerism in America, this holiday makes sense. Considering how much of our lives, especially in the times we’re currently living in, is spent online, it only makes sense,” Otto said. “With an increase in online shopping during the pandemic, Cyber Monday is a benefit for the vast majority of consumers. On the other hand, small businesses are likely to suffer due to the nature of the event. With more people shopping online, many small businesses that are already suffering may be losing a lot of profit on items that are usually ones that keep their business afloat. It is important to remember the value in shopping locally, though many people do not have the luxury to pay more for items when they have a chance of getting them at reduced prices.”


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