Editorial: Stopping sports must be considered

Staff Editorial

As COVID-19 continues to surge all across the country, the affects keep being felt throughout the college football world.

This upcoming weekend, 14 games have already been canceled of postponed as a result of COVID-19 outbreaks on teams.

Eastern is not currently playing football games, but are scheduled to start in February. However, the basketball season is scheduled to start next week on Nov. 25.

We at The Daily Eastern News are concerned about the affect the pandemic is having on the sports, and as more Eastern teams begin to start their competitive schedules, we hope that people at Eastern and above, in the OVC, Summit League and NCAA, are ready to make tough decisions surrounding the virus.

COVID-19 can still be very dangerous for young, healthy people. There is a need for college athletics to happen, with finances being a major factor.

Also, many college athletes want to play, and many have not been able to for nearly a year.

But if it becomes too unsafe, there must be consideration to halt sports indefinitely once again.

It is unfortunate that this may have to happen, but it is certainly possible.

We just hope that safety remains a top priority at Eastern and at schools all over the country.