Column: Hypoluxo nails post-punk sound

Ryan Meyer

There’s a right way to do post-punk guitar music, and I may have found the next band that’s doing just that.

Hypoluxo, a band of four from Brooklyn, was featured in an Instagram post by music media outlet Stereogum. I was intrigued by the mention of post-punk in the caption. I usually consider that my favorite genre, and seeing as to how lately I have not been passionately listening to music like I used to, I wondered if this could be the band that could spark my interest.

There’s an abrasive way to do post-punk that can be charming and more rhythm section-based, as bands like Protomartyr have demonstrated. I tend to prefer the more reverberating, shimmering guitar sound, similar to bands like Beach Fossils and DIIV’s first album, “Oshin.”

Hypoluxo’s “Kentucky Smooth” is essentially the perfect song to represent my taste in music, as is recent single “Nimbus.”

“Kentucky Smooth” has the right amount of distortion on the guitars, and features a drum buildup that belongs in much larger venues than I assume the band is playing in. A little bit before the three minute mark, the two guitars play off each other with a minimal amount of notes, which I believe is the key to great post-punk.

“Nimbus,” which is to be featured on the band’s upcoming album, sears through the intro with a stop-start chord progression that reminds me of Chicago band Deeper, but then the verse switches between those chords and a brief melody that I hope the album contains more of.

Spotify’s “Fans also like” feature contains two bands I also really enjoy, Dehd and Deeper, who both put out solid records in 2020. According to the Stereogum post, the album will be released this Friday, November 20.

Upon listening to only a few songs, and the upcoming album’s singles, I can’t help but feel that this record will follow suit.

Stereogum named it their record of the week, and not only am I envious that they have enough clout to listen to records early, but also from what I’ve heard I think that it could be one of the best albums of the year if it bears any similarity to its predecessors. Not that I’m saying the band shouldn’t evolve. I have a feeling the only way for Hypoluxo to go is up.


Ryan Meyer is a sophomore journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]