COVID-19 testing scheduled for Tuesday

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern will be offering free COVID testing for students, faculty, staff, annuitants and members of the local community. Eastern is running this COVID testing event in partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The COVID testing site will be at the W Lot near the corner of Fourth Street and Roosevelt Drive, just west of Lawson Hall. Both drive-thru and walk-up options will be provided. To people who will be using the drive-thru option, it is important to know that vehicles will be directed to enter the site via Terrace Lane, south of Wesley United Methodist Church.

Though the drive-thru option is available, Eastern encourages people to use the walk-up options if at all possible. Since this event is open to the entire public, Eastern would like to reduce possible drive-thru congestion.

People attending the COVID testing site are strongly encouraged to pre-register for the event through a link available on Eastern’s EIU Covid Hub webpage. Pre-registering on the website will help people getting tested receive their results faster.

Eastern instructs to enter “61920” for the ZIP code, choose “Covid-19 Screening” as appointment type, and select a time under “Tuesday November 17, 2020: Illinois Department of Public Health Eastern Illinois University Mobile Testing.”

If one already has a MyChart account with OSF Health or IDPH, they can enter existing login information when pre-registering. If they do not have a MyChart account, they will be receiving an email with additional information about that.

If one does not have an email address or does not wish to create a MyChart account, they can call the IDPH results number (1-877-297-7208) for their results. People who are having trouble accessing results through MyChart are advised to contact the MyChart helpline (1-800-889-3931).

People attending the event are also asked to come prepared by bringing certain items to ensure the COVID testing runs smoothly. Eastern asks attendees to bring a photo ID, a ink pen, their local (school) address, an insurance card (if they have one) and a smartphone to access MyChart.

Eastern also asks attendees to wear masks, since Eastern’s masking policy requires all individuals to appropriately wear clean cloth or disposable face masks on campus. Masks will not be provided, so people must bring their own.

After testing and receiving their results, students or employees who plan on traveling away from Charleston should take all their personal and academic materials with them just in case they need to isolate or quarantine in that location.


Kyara Morales-Rodriguez can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]