Students getting creative for Halloween

Daniel Jones, Staff Reporter

Halloween at Eastern will look very different this year. The coronavirus pandemic has edged out a lot of traditions synonymous with the holiday.

Following CDC guidelines, large gatherings are discouraged, and activities such as trick or treating will have a new set of rules.

Senior journalism major Katelyn Eddington will still be celebrating the holiday like she does every year, just a little different.

Eddington plans on inviting a small group of friends over for a Halloween movie and game night. Halloween is a tradition for Eddington, who said it gives her an excuse to dress up.

Other than being a tradition, Eddington is throwing a gathering for other reasons, such as the pandemic. She is hoping that the night will cheer her comrades up from the depression they may experience due to the current circumstances.

“I think it’s important because COVID has ruined and canceled a lot,” Eddington said. “So, if we can celebrate at least one thing this year, we should take the chance.”

Other students are getting into the spirit and using the holiday as means to spend time together.

Luis Paniagua, a junior graphic design major, is planning on getting into costumes with his friends, taking pictures and safely having a great time together.

“We all have been tested and we have been safe, so we wanted to do this because we all really like Halloween,” Paniagua said, “and it sucks we can’t really do much, but we understand.”

He said it will be nice to have a sense of normalacy, but still being aware of what they can and cannot do. Paniagua said he and his friends are making the best of the current situation and relying on their friendship to carry them through.

Senior TV and video production major Joel Middleton is taking the celebrations up a notch and having a Stranger Things themed gathering with friends.

“We haven’t done anything like this before and all wanted to do something special since Halloween has been altered this year,” Middleton said.

The friends plan on dressing up as the characters and watching the show during the holiday.

Middleton said he will be dressing up as character Dustin Henderson. He feels that people should still celebrate Halloween because it will give them a much-needed excitement having something to look forward to.


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