Student Gov initiates new senators Wednesday

Theo Edwards, Staff Reporter

This Student Senate meeting over Zoom on Wednesday had an attendance of 18 people, with 10 of them being senators.

Due to this not meeting the quorum of 13 people, there was no approval of agenda and of the minutes.

The student senators however were able to participate in orientation.

The Student Senate orientation started off with descriptions on the committees as follows:

· Academic Affairs

· Alumni Relations

· Business Affairs

· Diversity Affairs

· External Relations

· Internal Affairs

· Student Affairs

· University Enhancement

Along with committee talk, Senate Council of Chairs was discussed, which will be composed of the Speaker of the Senate as the Chairperson and the standing Committee Chairperson and they will host separate meetings, along with special meetings that may be convened by the Chairperson.

The Student Senate orientation also went over event planning and the criteria for it such as research, timeline deadlines, budgeting, reservations, food permits, sponsors, artists and vendors, technical arrangements, among other arrangements.

Breakout rooms were made to allow new senators an opportunity to learn new things. Each breakout session had a committee to discuss where new senators could become more familiar with the different committees and brainstorm ideas.

For Academic Affairs an idea came up to start a Facebook thread to promote health through a series of interactive posts and at the end pick a winner for a prize.

Business Affairs came up with the idea to help students with scholarships on how to apply to them through a series of videos for different kinds of students.

University Enhancement brought up the need for more trashcans being put onto campus and expanding parking for students and staff.

Student Affairs mentioned TED talks for sexual assault awareness week and potentially hosting a debate.

Following this was discussion of bill writing for senate legislation, office hours, attendance guidelines, and diversity requirements.

The Interim Speaker report mentioned an announcement that committee chairs and placements will be finalized next week with the exception of Senator Zoey White placed in the Internal Affairs Chair.

Student Body President Noor ul-Haash Khamisani included in her report recruitment for the presidential cabinet and plans for a YouTube channel for Student Government.

Student Executive Vice President Michael Perri reported on the student action team, working on updating bylaws, and establishing student lobbying guidelines.

EIU Votes will release a video on social media on why voting matters and will interview students on campus for it.

This video will be released sometime before elections.


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