CAA approves 3 action items

Staff Report

The Eastern Council for Academic Affairs met Thursday afternoon via Blackboard Collaborate and voted on three action items.

The first action item on the agenda was the approval of a new honors section that was originally proposed in the previous CAA meeting, but was tabled since it was in need of revisions.

It is EIU 4196G Honors Body, Health, and Society. The catalog course description for the section describes it as, “An exploration of the interdisciplinary field of body studies, with an emphasis on the health impact of gender, ethnic, class, aging, and sexual orientation images in contemporary society.”

The proposal was approved by the council.

The next two action items were also approved and were both revised programs.

The first was the removal of GEO 1320G Geology of National Parks from both the geology major and minor programs.

The proposal stated:

“GEO 1320G has not been taught since 2014 and will not be taught in the future. As such, it should be removed from the Geology Major and Minor programs and eliminated from the Undergraduate Course Catalog to prevent confusion.”

The final action was a revision to the B.A. in Music program that would remove references of MUS 2205 and MUS 2206 from the list of classes for piano students. Students only need MUS 2203 and MUS 2204 to fulfill piano requirements for the program. There were also two discussion items on the agenda.

The first was a discussion of a proposed change to the Faculty Senate constitution that would lower the amount of time a faculty member would need to be employed at Eastern in order to join various councils or committees.

The second was a discussion of the possibility of amending CAA bylaws to alter how the council could approve hybrid delivery formats for courses.

The council is scheduled to meet again Nov. 5.


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