Student Government to meet for 1st time

Theo Edwards, Staff Reporter

Student Government will vote on appointing Justin Richards to the position of Student Vice President of Academic Affairs during its meeting Wednesday.

It is the first Student Government of the year and will be held on Microsoft Teams at 7 p.m.

Richards was in the running for Student Body President at the beginning of the semester and lost to Student Body President Noor Khamisani in the first unofficial results.

Richards then contested the results and the Student Government Election Commissioner announced a deduction to Khamisani’s votes and announced Richards the unofficial winner of the race.

Khamisani appealed the decision and she and Richards were given the opportunity to have another election, do a coin toss to determine the winner or one concede to the other and take on the position of Student VPAA.

Richards conceded, and now the Senate will vote to determine if Richards becomes Student VPAA.

However, Richards has already been listed as Student VPAA in the meeting minutes.

The senate will also appoint newly elected senators:

-Destinee Patterson

-Prabin Karki

-Subodh Khanal

-Morgan Rigdon

-Rachel Ashley

New senator orientation will be split between Wednesday’s meeting and the Oct. 27 meeting.

The Student Senate orientation will have discussion of meeting procedures, senate requirements and expectations, and the platforms and goals of the executive board.

Executive Reports will be given during the meeting as well.

Khamisani will deliver the Student Body President report. Executive Vice President Michael Perri will be delivering the Executive Vice President’s report and the Interim Speaker report.

Richards will deliver the Vice President of Academic Affairs report and Vice President of Student Affairs Skylar Coffey will deliver the Vice President of Student Affairs report.

The Student Government’s mission statement on their website reads:

“Student Government will strive in every aspect of their respective office to promote diversity, leadership, service, and integrity. Student Government members shall maintain a progressive state of mind in order to respect the student body in regards to their positions. Student Government will protect the rights and interests of the students while also enhancing the quality of the EIU experience through the power that is vested in them by Eastern Illinois University.”


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