CAA to vote on 3 new courses, 1 revision

Staff Report

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on three items during its meeting Thursday.

Three of the items will be new courses.

Two of the courses are geography courses, Lindar Mapping and Planetary Geology.

Lindar mapping “presents the background, theory, and various applications of lidar to mapping in the geospatial field. Both physical principles of airborne laser mapping and digital processing of datasets are examined. Emphasis is given to the wide variety of possible applications.”

The planetary course is meant to study the “investigation of the nature and origin of the solar system, formation, composition, and differentiation of the planets, including planetary processes. Detailed exploration of planetary processes including impact cratering, and volcanism, atmospheric evolution, and water-rock interaction. Special focus placed on exploration efforts past, present, and future.”

The other is a public health course called Experimental Seminar in Public Health Practice.

Another new course is an honors senior seminar, Body, Health and Society.

It is described as “focusing on the exploration of the interdisciplinary field of body studies, with an emphasis on the health impact of gender, ethnic, class, aging, and sexual orientation images in contemporary society.”

The council will also vote on revising the management course, Managerial Communications.

The council will also have a discussion on hybrid delivery formats with Lu Ding.


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