Panthers hold another fall scrimmage

Adam Tumino, Editor-in-Chief

The Eastern football team participated in another scrimmage Saturday as part of their fall practices in a traditional spring model.

Head coach Adam Cushing said that the team still has plenty of improvements to make, but he was pleased with the small improvements the team has been making recently.

“I saw a lot of back and forth, I saw a lot that needs to continue to improve quite frankly, but I think the important part was, we weren’t perfect, but you saw the 1% better,” he said. “I talked to a lot of guys beforehand, ‘okay what’s your 1% that your going to focus on today?’ And I haven’t watched the video yet, but when that’s in their mind at least they’re going to focus on that.”

He also said the scrimmages are a good opportunity to test where the team is at mentally and physically.

“We wanted to put them in situations, we wanted to challenge them, we wanted to mentally tax them a little bit,” Cushing said.

Another factor for these practices and scrimmages is injuries that may require players to sit out. Cushing said that, although injuries are unfortunate, they can create chances for other players to gain experience.

“That’s always going to happen, that’s a part of football,” he said. “Right, wrong or otherwise, part of football is the next guy’s got to get ready to go, and I think it is an incredible opportunity. Look at some of these guys that are freshmen getting just millions of reps, it’s awesome. It’s only going yo make us better when it comes time for football in February, March and April that those guys have banked all these reps that maybe they weren’t planning on getting.”

This week will be the final week that the Panthers can practice in the spring mold, and Cushing said he hopes the team takes advantage of every remaining opportunity to improve in that time.

“Improvement. That’s what we’re looking for in this final week is improvement. We’ve got one week left to get better on the football field, so we have to take advantage of every single opportunity we have to put pads on,” he said. “Because it’s a unique year where we go back into the 12-hour rule and can continue to work fundamentals in helmets, we need to do as much football against somebody as we possibly can when the rules allow.”


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