Editorial: No excuses to not understand how Zoom calls work

Staff Editorial

Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN legal analyst and reporter for The New Yorker, was suspended by The New Yorker and took a leave of absence from CNN after accidentally exposing himself on a Zoom call with colleagues.

“I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake believing I was off-camera,” Toobin said in a statement to Vice. “I apologize to my wife, family, friends and coworkers.”

He added that he thought that he had “muted the Zoom video” and was not visible.

Two people who were on the call spoke to Vice on the condition of anonymity said that it seemed that Toobin was on a different call and was seen masturbating on his cam.

We at The Daily Eastern News think there is no real excuse at this point for not understanding how Zoom works. Many people have been using it for work for many months, and those who do not use it should probably refrain from any risky behavior while Zoom is open.

Even for those who fully understand Zoom should not be masturbating during work. Just because you are working from home does not mean you are not from work.

Behave on Zoom like you would if you were actually in the office. Do not take your pants off for any reason if you are within the range of your camera. Do not talk or do other things during the call.

It is not difficult to behave properly on a Zoom call, at least it should not be.

Toobin learned this lesson the hard way, even though it was a lesson that he should not have had to learn.

He is also not the only one who learned this lesson. Everyone needs to make sure they behave properly on Zoom calls to avoid the embarrassment. Just because you are at home does not mean you are not as work.