Column: Happy birthday to our oldest editor

Ryan Meyer and Corryn Brock

We would like to wish our Editor-in-Chief Adam Tumino a very happy birthday.

Adam, being the oldest in the newsroom, has imparted a lot of wisdom onto us during his time working at the Daily Eastern News, like how to find the best nursing homes in the area or how to get your meal for free by complaining to the restaurant staff.

Just kidding, as much as we like to tease Adam for having a few years on all of us he has been doing a great job as EIC in a year where the position takes on a whole new meaning. He comes into the newsroom every day with jokes aplenty, music from the 70s and a round of Among Us to be played before the workday starts.

One of our favorite things about Adam is his enthusiasm for calling everything he likes the greatest ____ of all time. He has a list of rankings for everything and it always leads to interesting discussions.

The best list he has ever made was without question his column “Top 5 Hottest U.S. Presidents.”

The man has a knack for hitting the nail on the head with his lists. If you ever need something ranked, he is your man. Unless it’s about Dum Dum suckers. He was way off with that. Cream soda? Come on, Adam. This isn’t the local diner.

Beyond his list-making abilities, Adam is also fierce competition in Among Us. That man is a fantastic Impostor, and we can’t tell if that speaks well or poorly on him. He could sneak up and kill us in that game in the blink of an eye and we would never see it coming.

There is nothing he craves more than seeing our animated figures decapitated by a little pink astronaut with a flamingo hat. He’s a list-making, murderous monster.

We also want to thank him for the amount of time he spends each day making sure our paper succeeds. Regardless of the year, leading this paper isn’t easy but he takes it in stride.

Adam, we know we will continue to enjoy spending our nights with you laughing, screaming at Impostors and throwing balls and pens around the newsroom. We hope that you will continue to fake laugh at our jokes that you’re too old to understand, go with us to Late Night and play the same music our grandparents listen to.

Even though your 27th birthday was filled with COVID-19 testing, complaining about warm fall weather, and counting calories in your pink lemonade, we hope that it was as fun for you as it was for us getting to spend the day with our favorite old man.


Ryan Meyer is a sophomore journalism major and Corryn Brock is a junior journalism major. They can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]