Editorial: Remember that you can be reinfected with COVID

Staff Editorial

A Nevada man recently became the first person in North America to catch COVID-19 twice, according to researchers at the University of Nevada.

I was proven back in August that someone could become infected twice after a Hong Kong man tested positive in March and then again in August.

Very little is known about how reinfection occurs or how severe second infections can be. The patient in Hong Kong’s infection seemed to be less severe the second time. However, the man from Nevada had more severe symptoms the second time.

We at The Daily Eastern News want to be sure that people are aware that they can catch COVID-19 twice. Just because you may have tested positive already does not mean that you do not have to follow social distancing protocols or masking policies as strictly.

President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he was immune, but that was unsurprisingly not true.

No one should ever feel they are immune to COVID-19. We know that many people are tired of masks and other factors put in place to mitigate the spread of the virus, but further proof that reinfection is possible should cause people to continue taking these rules seriously.

Keep protecting yourself and those around you. Wear your masks properly and keep distancing yourself.