Remember to make plans to vote

Zach Bray

Voting has begun. That’s right, early voting in a majority of the states has begun at this point. Mail-in ballots and absentee ballots have also begun being mailed out. It also is not too late to register to vote. Go to to register or go to your local precinct’s website as well. Most precincts allow you to track your mail-in ballot as well. Remember, there is a lot on the ballot this year.

For one, the presidential election. For many, this election is a test on Trump’s ability to lead. And in most cases, every presidential election is. Even the midterms. However, there is more on the line this time: healthcare, immigration, education, COVID-19, taxes and a lot more. These are just some major things on the ballot. The census is also on the ballot, as redistricting at local levels will be conducted next year.

Your time to vote is now. Voting is a right. And many are trying to take it away. Vote like your life depends on it, because for the first time it does. Vote on things like LGBT rights, abortion rights and the Supreme Court. These things can decide the future of many Americans for years to come.

So please. Get out to vote. Get your friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends or whoever. Register to vote. Request a mail-in ballot. Vote early. Or come up with a plan to vote on election day, which is a state holiday, meaning no school. There are absolutely no excuses not to vote this year. Vote, for a more just, fair and perfect America. Or, allow us to continue moving into a dark age where no one is safe unless you fit the mold of the ideal human.