Column: Halloween is most exciting holiday

Gillian Eubanks

Halloween started around 2,000 years ago, going by Samhain when it originated. Samhain was celebrated by the Celts of Ireland and Britain, according to

Nov. 1 was considered to be the beginning of a new year and the beginning of winter. Also, the spirits of the dead were thought to come back to visit their loved ones and people who had died that year were thought to cross over that night. People wore masks or disguises to ward off evil spirits; conjuring costumes in modern traditions.

Druids and Celtic priests would burn crops and hold bonfires, where animal sacrifices were made to Celtic deities.   

Samhain was seen as the perfect day for performing divination on things like marriage, health and even death.

Over the course of another hundred years, Samhain became Halloween as we know it today.

But why is this the best holiday?

First of all, there are awesome Halloween activities to do like dressing as anyone you want without any judgement, there are many pumpkins to be painted or carved, bonfires, scary movies, haunted houses, etc. These activities are much more fun than any other holiday activities.

It is also the least stressful holiday because you probably don’t have to travel, go to any family dinners or buy gifts for all of your loved ones, like for Christmas.

Secondly, there are many rituals for people to partake in, if they would want to celebrate Samhain.

You can set up an altar with fall-associated things; leaves, apples, pumpkin, nuts etc., perform ceremonies or even use certain spices and herbs in your food that day.

Remember that Samhain is made to celebrate the spirits of the dead and can help with some people’s grief of the loss of a loved one, and it can help you appreciate your life more.

I believe that Halloween, in whatever way you decide to celebrate it, is the most fun and exciting holiday. The only other holiday I like as much as it is my birthday.

This year is going to be a little weird because of COVID-19, but don’t let that stop all the fun. Because we want to stay safe, please find ways to celebrate Halloween while still practicing social distancing, wearing your masks (yes, your costume will look fine) and following other health protocols this year.


Gillian Eubanks junior health communications major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]