Editorial: Lack of student votes part of problem with Student Gov. election

Staff Editorial

Student apathy is something Eastern knows all too well, and it needs to come to an end.

In the Fall 2020 Student Government Election 6.8% of eligible voters voted.

Only 6.8% of the entire student body voted in the election to name the individuals who represent us as students to university administration and approve new registered student organizations that we as students can get involved in.

Only 6.8% of the entire student body voted to name the Student Government Executive Officers who according to the Student Government Constitution can receive up to $5,000 of compensation a year in the form of a scholarship.

All students enrolled at Eastern are eligible to vote but only a sliver voted in an election that was a train wreck from start to finish.

Only 419 students voted for Student Body President, 413 voted for Student Executive Vice President and 410 voted for Student Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Of those who voted, 46 voted no confidence for the Student Body Government race, 43 voted no confidence for Student Executive Vice President race and 33 voted no confidence for Student Vice President for Student Affairs race.

The entire student body should be heard through our elected representatives however only 436 were heard.

So, the next time you see student senators who don’t know their own bylaws and Constitution, a Student Body President race full of almost comical errors, twists and turns or a Student Government that doesn’t create any noticeable change on campus, remember that your vote, or lack thereof, is the reason for the outcome.

Learn about candidates, their goals and their experience because the Student Body Government should not just be a resume builder for those involved that gets no effort put into it. It should represent the student’s wants and needs.

However, that starts with you doing your part to get a better voter turnout rate than 6.8%.