Editorial: Trump acting recklessly after COVID diagnosis

Staff Editorial

After it was announced Friday morning that President Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, some thought that perhaps this would make Trump begin to take the virus seriously.

After several days, that appears not to be the case.

We at The Daily Eastern News find some of Trump’s behavior since his positive test to be reckless and signal that he may never take COVID-19 as seriously as he should.

This culminated with a bizarre display on Sunday afternoon when Trump left his hospital room at Walter Reed Medical Center to have the Secret Service drive him past a large group of his supporters that gathered outside.

Trump was wearing a mask inside the SUV, as were the agents in the front seats. But they were not able to properly distance inside the vehicle and the president knowingly exposed them to COVID-19 in order to wave at some supporters for no substantive reason.

Trump has apparently not taken COVID-19 seriously in any way since its emergence, and anyone who expects him too will likely be disappointed.

This is a virus that has killed over 209,000 Americans and infected over 7 million others. It is a virus that he and some of his top associates tested positive for following a mostly maskless gathering in the White House Rose Garden.

Trump’s disregard for those around him is upsetting, albeit unsurprising. But his apparent disregard for his own health is also odd.

He is 74 years old and could potentially be more vulnerable to serious symptoms of the virus. And no matter what you think of Trump, if he becomes unable to govern or potentially dies, it would throw the entire government into disarray.

Also do not forget that the president is not the only one affected as nearly 100,000 other Americans tested positive on Friday and Saturday alone.