CAA meets Thursday

Staff Report

The Council on Academic Affairs met via Blackboard Collaborate Thursday for the first time since Sept. 10.

The council voted to eliminate the General Studies Option in Child Care Education due to a new minor.

Other items acted upon in the meeting included revisions to a mathematics course and the introduction of a new mathematics course.

The revisions were made to MAT 1270 Intermediate Algebra and consisted of adjusting to catalog to remove synthetic division from the course and to make the content of the course clearer.

The new course will be MAT 1410, a course that will seek to simplify the process by which students advance to calculus courses, according to Marshall Lassak, mathematics professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

“For a number of years our department has offered two courses, a pre-calculus course that was three credits and a trigonometry course that was two credits, that students had to complete if they did not place into Calculus I but they were beyond College Alge-bra,” he said.

The new course will basically combine these two courses.

There was also a discussion item in the meeting, which covered hybrid delivery formats for courses.

The council is scheduled to meet again Oct. 8.


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