Editorial: Bylaws must be adhered to, understood

Staff Editorial

The Student Body Government does a disservice to students by not following its constitution, bylaws and guidelines.

The recent elections protest on the Student Body President race is an example of the downfall of Eastern’s student government as a respectable institution if they do not begin to function as proper representatives of Eastern students.

As Student Body President candidate Noor-Ul-Haash Khamisani has stated her intention to appeal the decision of the Elections Commission we do not know, nearly two months into the semester, who will be representing the student body.

Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, however, we at The Daily Eastern News do not believe the judgement of the Election Commission is in any way valid.

In more than one area of the governing documents of the Student Government it states that the Student Supreme Court is responsible for reviewing contested election results:

• “The Student Supreme Court shall be the court of final jurisdiction in all cases of contested elections/recalled elections, and “no confidence” votes for student government and constitutional referendums.” (Student Government Constitution)

• “Alleged violations of the Election Rules will be subject to further review, investigation, and action by the EIU Student Supreme Court.” (Election Guidelines, Violations of Election Guidelines)

The student body deserves better than representatives who use their own set of rules rather than the guidelines that have been used over several years.

We at The Daily Eastern News hope that in the near future we see the Student Government begin to follow its own rules and truly represent the student body. However, it’s hard to represent the student body when you don’t even know the processes by which you are supposed to operate.